Soon available in
liquid cream version :

Wonderstone cream

A strong cleaning, nature friendly,
money saving, and unlimited
shelf life cleaning product !

Cleans, polishes and protects :
car, bicycle, motorcycle, boat,
windows, kitchen, bathroom,
garden furniture, tombstones,
ceramic hobs, barbecues, etc...
on materials such as PVC,
aluminium, stainless steel,
acrylic, polyester, enemal,
chrome, gold, silver,
copper, tin, glass, etc...

Instruction for use

When in doubt to clean
a soiled material, first test
on a non-visible place !
At first, wash the new
Super sponges
by machine at 60°C.
Then wet and squeeze the
sponge (damp, not dripping),
rub gently over the
Wonderstone (use
very sparingly), squeeze
the sponge until foam is
formed, clean the soiled
material, rinse with
water and dry with a
kitchen towel.


Do not use on high-gloss
surfaces ! Allow the
Wonderstone to
dry before closing !
Keep your cleaning
products out of
reach of children !

Safety data sheet

Download here :


Alumina, water,
5 - 15% natural soaps,
natural fats, glycerin.


Contents yellow box :
- 1 Wonderstone 650g 

- 1 small yellow Super sponge
- 1 small green Super sponge

Suggested retail price :
21,50 euros incl. TAX
(33,08 euros/kg) 

Prices are valid while supplies last.
J&R reserves the right to change
the prices stated on this website
without prior notice.

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Wonderstone cream

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