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J&R Wonderstone cream

Also available in solid version :
J&R Wonderstone

A strong cleaning, nature friendly
and money saving cleaning product !

Cleans, polishes and protects :
car, bicycle, motorcycle, boat,
windows, kitchen, bathroom,
garden furniture, tombstones,
ceramic hobs, barbecues, etc...
on materials such as PVC,
aluminium, stainless steel,
acrylic, polyester, enemal,
chrome, gold, silver,
copper, tin, glass, etc...

Instruction for use

Shake the J&R Wonderstone cream
before each use !
When in doubt to clean
a soiled material, first test
on a non-visible place !
At first, wash the new
J&R Super sponges
by machine at 60°C.
Then wet and squeeze the
sponge (damp, not dripping),
Apply the J&R Wonderstone
cream sparingly to the damp
sponge, squeeze the sponge
until foam is formed, clean
the soiled material, rinse
with water and dry with a
kitchen towel.


Do not use on high-gloss
surfaces !  Store between
10°C and 33°C, dry and
in closed packaging out
of direct sunlight !  Avoid
contact with eyes !
Keep your cleaning
products out of reach
of children !

Safety data sheet

Download here :


Water, alumina,
<5% nonionic sufactants,
citric acid, xanthan gum,
glycerin, <5% soap,
perfumes, limonene.

J&R Wonderstone cream

Contents yellow box :
- 1 J&R Wonderstone cream 650g 

- 2 small yellow J&R Super sponges

Price : 19,95 euros
incl. TAX
(30,69 euros/kg) 

Prices are valid while supplies last.
J&R reserves the right to change
the prices stated on this website
without prior notice.

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