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J&R Wonderwax

Cleans, polishes and protects all
metallic and acrylic paints for months

For : car, boat, caravan,
bicycle, motorcycle,
motorcycle helmet, mirrors,
ceramic hobs, glass,
high-gloss surfaces such as
kitchen cabinets and
bathroom cabinets, etc...

Instruction for use

Clean the suface with water
to remove dirt and dust
and then dry.  Apply the
 J&R Wonderwax very sparingly
to a soft cloth, scrub the
surface and polish it

For weekly washing or
to remove insect remains,
clean the surface with
water to remove dirt and
dust.  Apply J&R Wonderwax
sparingly to a soft, damp
sponge, wash the surface,
rinse well with water and dry.


Never use in the sun !
Store frost-free !  Keep locked
up and out of reach of
children !  In case of 
ingestion, seek medical
advice immediately and
show the packaging or label !

Safety data sheet

Download here :


Aqua, Naphta, Aluminium
Silicates, Carnauba,
Triethanolamine, Dimeticone,
Sodium Laureth Sulfate,
Dimethylol Glycol.

J&R Wonderwax

Contents : 500 ml 

Price : 17,50 euros
incl. TAX

(35,00 euros/kg) 

Prices are valid while supplies last.
J&R reserves the right to change
the prices stated on this website
without prior notice.

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